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Download The Thaw Full Movie | Watch The Thaw The Film Full Version

Genres: Horror , Sci-Fi , Thriller
Actors: Val Kilmer , Alexandra Staseson , Brad Dryborough , Greg Rogers , William B. Davis , Garry Chalk , Peter Kelamis , Brenda Crichlow , Anne Marie DeLuise , John Callander , Lamech Kadloo , Kyle Schmid , Steph Song , Aaron Ashmore , Evan Adams
Director: Mark A. Lewis
Country: United States, Canada
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 (6021 votes)

At a remote Arctic research station, four ecology students discover the real horror of global warming is not the melting ice, but what’s frozen within it. A prehistoric parasite is released from the carcass of a Woolly Mammoth upon the unsuspecting students who are forced to quarantine and make necessary sacrifices, or risk infecting the rest of the world.

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Download Cheerleader Camp Full Movie | Watch Cheerleader Camp Movie Full

Genres: Horror , Thriller
Actors: Betsy Russell , Leif Garrett , Lucinda Dickey , Lorie Griffin , George ‘Buck’ Flower , Travis McKenna , Teri Weigel , Rebecca Ferratti , Vickie Benson , Jeff Prettyman , Krista Pflanzer , Craig Piligian , William Johnson , Kathryn Litton , Tommy Habeeb
Director: John Quinn
Country: Japan, United States
Year: 1988
IMDB Rating: 3.9/10 (1352 votes)

Alison follows her friends to a summer camp for cheerleaders. But she is having bad nightmares. Her boyfriend has followed her to the camp but he seems to be more interested in the other girls, girls who sooner or later are found brutally murdered. Alison starts to believe that she has a split-personality who kills them.

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Download Breaking and Entering Full Movie | Breaking and Entering And Film

Genres: Drama , Romance , Thriller
Actors: Jude Law , Robin Wright , Martin Freeman , Juliette Binoche , Rafi Gavron , Ed Westwick , Serge Soric , Velibor Topic , Rad Lazar , Ting Ting Hu , Romi Aboulafia , Poppy Rogers , Eleanor Matsuura , Anna Chancellor , Lisa Kay
Director: Anthony Minghella
Country: United Kingdom, United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (15304 votes)

A mother and her daughter, a mother and her son, and a man living with one and attracted to the other. Miro, a teen from Sarajevo, lives near King’s Cross with his mother; he’s nimble, able to run across roofs, so his uncle hires him to break into office skylights, so the uncle can boost computers. Twice they steal from Will’s architectural firm, so Will stakes it out at night. He follows Miro home and returns the next day and meets Miro’s mother, Amira. At home, Will’s relationship with Liv is strained – he feels outside Liv and her daughter Bea’s circle. The stakeout and Amira’s vulnerability are attractive alternatives to being at home. The police, too, watch Miro.

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Download Fat Slags Full Movie | Fat Slags Online Movie

Genres: Comedy
Actors: Fiona Allen , Sophie Thompson , Jerry O’Connell , Anthony Head , Geri Halliwell , James Dreyfus , Naomi Campbell , Angus Deayton , Hugh Dennis , Les Dennis , Tom Goodman-Hill , Michael Greco , Eamonn Holmes , Ralf Little , Dolph Lundgren
Director: Ed Bye
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 2.0/10 (3064 votes)

Fat Slags charts the rise and fall of our eponymous heroines, who are unrepentantly vulgar and crass. Leaving their hometown of Fulchester in the North of England, Sandra and Tracey head for the bright lights of London, shagging and boozing their way to fame and fortune. Sean Cooley an internationally renowned billionaire suffers a blow to the head, rendering him temporarily insane on the day The Fat Slags arrive in London. Spotting them on a popular daytime TV chat show, he falls in love with their larger than life look and approach. Determined to make them stars, he forces fashion designer Fidor Konstantin to base his next collection around the girls, creating a media sensation. In a whirlwind turn of events, Sandra and Tracey take the UK by storm, hitting number one in the record charts and inadvertently winning the Turner Prize. As far as the press is concerned, fat is the new black… Throughout their journey into the world of celebrity, the girls maintain their unique and endearing vulgarity, coupled with an innocence that draws the British public to their cause. However, in private, jealousy is driving a wedge between Sandra and Tracey as they both vie for the attentions of Cooley. Only when he regains his mental faculties and turns on our unlikely heroines, do they realise that friendship is the only real thing they have in the mad world they’ve become a part of.

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Download Late Spring Full Movie | Watch Late Spring The Film

Genres: Drama
Actors: Chishû Ryû , Setsuko Hara , Yumeji Tsukioka , Haruko Sugimura , Hohi Aoki , Jun Usami , Kuniko Miyake , Masao Mishima , Yoshiko Tsubouchi , Yôko Katsuragi , Toyo Takahashi , Jun Tanizaki , Ichirô Shimizu , Youko Benisawa , Manzaburo Umewaka
Director: Yasujirô Ozu
Country: Japan
Year: 1949
IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 (4899 votes)

Noriko is 27 years old and is still living with her father Somiya, a widower. Noriko just recovered from an illness she developed in the war, and now the important question pops up: when will Noriko start thinking about marriage? Everybody who is important in her life tries to talk her into it: her father, her aunt, a girlfriend. But Noriko doesn’t want to get married, she seems extremely happy with her life. She wants to stay with her father to take care of him. After all, she knows best of his manners and peculiarities. But Noriko’s aunt doesn’t want to give up. She arranges a partner for her and thinks of a plan that will convince Noriko her father can be left alone.

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Download Fay Grim Full Movie | Fay Grim Trailer Mp4 Download

Genres: Action , Comedy , Thriller
Actors: Parker Posey , D.J. Mendel , Liam Aiken , Megan Gay , Jasmin Tabatabai , Chuck Montgomery , James Urbaniak , John Keogh , Claudia Michelsen , Jeff Goldblum , Leo Fitzpatrick , J.E. Heys , Aminata Seck , David Scheller , Aoibheann O’Hara
Director: Hal Hartley
Country: United States, Germany
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (2914 votes)

A ten-years-later continuation of Hal Hartley’s “Henry Fool”, where Fay Grim (Posey) is coerced by a CIA agent (Goldblum) to try and locate notebooks that belonged to her fugitive ex-husband (Ryan). Published in them is information that could compromises the security of the U.S., causing Fay to first head to Paris to fetch them …

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Download Tu pa tam Full Movie | Watch Tu pa tam Full Film In Hd

Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Crime
Actors: Adnan Omerovic , Toni Cahunek , Klemen Bucan , Miki Bubulj , Goga Angelov , Adrijana Balukcic , Edis Becic , Igor Bracic , Karlo Bratus , Alenka Brun , Jani Cerne , Tomaz Fajfar , Bostjan Gorenc , Vesna Hitar , Martin Janezic
Director: Mitja Okorn
Country: Slovenia
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (559 votes)

Four young boys from Kranj borrow a huge amount of money from local mafia in order to become contractors. They are very incapable, so they lose the money and they find themselves in a terrible situation. The huge amount of money they borrowed must be returned to the mafia in one week or else. So they start selling drugs, they gamble, they try to do everything to get their money back.

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