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Genres: Comedy
Actors: James Lorinz , Tony Darrow , John Costelloe , Vincent Pastore , Frank Gio , Richard Bright , Sandra Bullock , Stephen Lee , Gemma Nanni , Frank Aquilino , Mario Augusta , Steve Buscemi , Mario Cantone , Frankie Cee , John ‘Cha Cha’ Ciarcia
Director: Frank Rainone
Country: United States
Year: 1994
IMDB Rating: 4.1/10 (262 votes)

Who says crime doesn’t pay? The mob will pay Jimmy Corona anything to stay away. But, then again, so would most people. His agent brushes off Jimmy’s latest book proposal: detailing the conspiracy between Lee Harvey Oswald and Marylin Monroe to assassinate JFK. His girlfriend gives him his walking papers in the midst of wild sex when he can’t give her one good reason to stay. Actually he’s too exhausted to speak. And to top it all off, he’s suffering from writer’s block. So what’s a poor guy to do? Join the mob?

Film Review

Update at August 2008 While I like Who Do I Gotta Kill?, aka Me and the Mob, I find the comments here reassuring. My memory is of them saying that this is a disjointed feature that has nothing to do with reality. In the sex with panties on scene some even assume that his impression is true, that it is full sex. I do find all that reassuring. There are some things that should not be broadcast. Except the comments did not say this, it is just my memory of them. This is a low budget story about a man who has had success as a professional writer of books and articles. In some key ways he has managed to start off okay. I sank at the basic education stage. Age 30 and he sinks. His abilities for work have become unreal. His girl leaves him and leaves the new, expensive, lingerie on the floor, next to him. He does not even realise that the break up sex missed out on a certain detail. I prefer this to be considered as an unreal feature. I have no objections to no-one else loving this story. I …

First, you’ll probably see the video title as "Me and the Mob," an attempt I guess at making it sound like the much superior "Married to the Mob." Sandra Bullock has a very small role (one and a half scenes to be exact) but the video exploits her fame by plastering her name and face on the cover as if this was a one woman show. Since the only interest in this film is Sandra Bullock, I will limit my review to her performance. In "Wrestling Ernest Hemingway," "Demolition Man," "Speed," and "While You Were Sleeping," Sandra Bullock became America’s darling, the girl-next-door. In her flops, she played/plays tough New Yaaaawkers, cute, but not great. This is one of those characterizations. However, in her primary scene, she strips down to some Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie to "three input" her boyfriend. She looks pretty good doing it, which is quite a task considering she never removes her undies (which we ha…

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