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Genres: Action , Adventure , Biography
Actors: Burt Lancaster , Joan Rice , André Morell , Abraham Sofaer , Archie Savage , Benson Fong , Tessa Prendergast , Lloyd Berrell , Charles Horvath , Philip Ahn , Guy Doleman , Grant Taylor , Alexander Archdale , Harvey Adams
Director: Byron Haskin
Country: United States
Year: 1954
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (478 votes)

In 1870, Yankee sea captain O’Keefe finds himself stranded after a mutiny on the Micronesian island of Yap, where the financial potential of copra (dried cocoanut) excites him. But a German company already has a monopoly…and very low production because hard work is alien to dwellers in paradise. On a later voyage, between affairs with island maidens, O’Keefe struggles to find the key to the wealth of Yap. But before he can carve out the empire of his dreams, he must also contend with assorted villains… Written by Rod Crawford Thrown overboard by his mutinous crew, Capt. David O’Keefe washes up on the Pacific island of Yap. It truly is a paradise and he is nursed back to health by Alfred Tetins, the representative of a German trading company. O’Keefe quickly realizes that there is a fortune in copra, the flesh of coconuts that can be processed to into valuable oil. The only problem is that the locals will not work and Tetins has never been able to find a way to get them to harvest enough coconuts to make the venture worthwhile. O’Keefe returns to Hong Kong where he scrounges up new partners and a ship. He is soon on the way back to Yap but en route, he meets the beautiful Dalabo and may have found a way to get the natives on Yap to work for him. Before that can happen, he will have to deal with the German traders who don’t appreciate his interference.

Film Review

The last of Burt Lancaster's adventurous star vehicles is easily the weakest: bland, dreary and unmemorable yet contriving to be a colorful and pleasant diversion nevertheless; apparently, he plays an actual larger-than-life adventurer who became the ruler of a Fijian island. Andre' Morell and Abraham Sofaer round up a rather unremarkable cast as a German trading agent and the native (and benign for once) witch doctor.The film has an excessive quota of local color via a succession of tedious native ceremonies but only a handful of the expected action sequences – although, what little there is, is adequately enough staged (including a hand-to-hand combat between Lancaster and a rebellious native chieftain who eventually comes to accept O'Keefe as his sovereign). An unusual element to the narrative which is, however, never brought to fruition is the native's reverence for a local stone they call "Fei". Needless to say, the strapping (and frequently bare-ch…

Right on the heels of his first Academy Award nominated performance in From Here To Eternity came this film which was a return to the more traditional roles Burt Lancaster did in his early years. Besides the charismatic actor's presence, His Majesty O'Keefe boasts some splendid location photography in the Fiji Islands. And most of you thought it was Marlon Brando who discovered the South Seas in that remake of Mutiny on the Bounty.The year is 1870 and Captain O'Keefe (Lancaster) is set adrift by his mutinous crew in the same manner John Wayne was in Wake of the Red Witch. But he manages to be rescued on the island of Yap by the natives and given shelter by German missionary Andre Morrell.Lancaster's not a man to pass an opportunity up when he sees all the unpicked coconuts around which will yield the valuable copra. The trick is to get the natives to work for it. Before long Lancaster is mixing in the political situation on Yap among the various tribal chiefs and in th…


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