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Genres: Comedy
Actors: George Segal , Jane Fonda , Ed McMahon , Richard Gautier , Allan Miller , Hank Garcia , John Dehner , Walter Brooke , Sean Frye , Mary Jackson , James Jeter , Maxine Stuart , Fred Willard , Selma Archerd , John Brandon
Director: Ted Kotcheff
Country: United States
Year: 1977
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (2227 votes)

Manager Dick Harper and his attractive young wife Jane are used to a comfortable lifestyle. They just build a swimming-pool when Dick is fired very unexpectedly – leaving him with $70,000 debt on the house. They try to hide this from the neighbors and just cut down their expenses, but soon it’s obvious: living from unemployment bonus drives them crazy, it’s uncertain if they can keep the house. Dick doesn’t see another way out than robbing drug stores – but this takes more skill than expected! Only as a team Dick and Jane can succeed.

Film Review

I waited a long time to finally see what I thought was going to be a fun caper flick and was shocked to discover shoddy direction, awkward dialogue, a lackluster pace, unmotivated slapstick gags and an overall coarseness that permeated the film throughout. Just not funny! The sets looked cheap, the costumes by the usually excellent Donfeld are garish and distracting. Even the title song is annoying. The whole children's book characters doesn't come close to representing the married couple whose life is turned upside down when he loses his job. For a film that seems to aim a dart at the unfairness of welfare and unemployment systems, the filmmakers have no problem in being unfair themselves, allowing Hispanic, black and gay stereotypes played at such a cruel level. The look of the film resembles any episode of Love American Style. This is not a compliment. Tacky seventies fashions abound in this world of white collar theft that only lends an air of implausibility to every situa…

The Excellent George Segal And The Equally Excellent Jane Fonda, Play Dick And Jane, A couple who have it all, a large dream home complete with maid, and swimming pool(Under Construction) and a young son, and even a dog named Spot!George Segal, is a successful Aerospace Executive, who get's laid off due to some unforeseen cutback's, unfortunately the couple who are living beyond their mean's, and soon hit rock bottom as the pair struggle to find employment, with exceptionally hilarious result'sBut where there's a will their's a way as Dick And Jane 'Accidently receive stolen money from a botched bank raid, the couple who develop an appetite for robbery then devise various and ingenious method's of grand larceny to pay off their mortgage/Bill's,Unfortunately they had to unnessesary remake this gem for the attention deficit generation,(which is nowhere as great as this!

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