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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Fiona Allen , Sophie Thompson , Jerry O’Connell , Anthony Head , Geri Halliwell , James Dreyfus , Naomi Campbell , Angus Deayton , Hugh Dennis , Les Dennis , Tom Goodman-Hill , Michael Greco , Eamonn Holmes , Ralf Little , Dolph Lundgren
Director: Ed Bye
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 2.0/10 (3064 votes)

Fat Slags charts the rise and fall of our eponymous heroines, who are unrepentantly vulgar and crass. Leaving their hometown of Fulchester in the North of England, Sandra and Tracey head for the bright lights of London, shagging and boozing their way to fame and fortune. Sean Cooley an internationally renowned billionaire suffers a blow to the head, rendering him temporarily insane on the day The Fat Slags arrive in London. Spotting them on a popular daytime TV chat show, he falls in love with their larger than life look and approach. Determined to make them stars, he forces fashion designer Fidor Konstantin to base his next collection around the girls, creating a media sensation. In a whirlwind turn of events, Sandra and Tracey take the UK by storm, hitting number one in the record charts and inadvertently winning the Turner Prize. As far as the press is concerned, fat is the new black… Throughout their journey into the world of celebrity, the girls maintain their unique and endearing vulgarity, coupled with an innocence that draws the British public to their cause. However, in private, jealousy is driving a wedge between Sandra and Tracey as they both vie for the attentions of Cooley. Only when he regains his mental faculties and turns on our unlikely heroines, do they realise that friendship is the only real thing they have in the mad world they’ve become a part of.

Film Review

By Far the best Movie I have ever seen in my life. Yes – I agree that you may think its hard to believe that a film about a pair of slugs could be as riveting as a Big Brother Eviction night and yet, this film pulls it off magnificently. When would you ever see a pair of slugs crawling through a rain poured desolate life and to tell a tale above all without prejudice/salt or humour. I think that this film portrayed Slugs in a a very dignified manner and that slugs should be more respected in society. They should not just be stepped on, but given full potential to live a useful life and be given the same longevity as the rest of us as well as be given the same opportunities as us – humans.I think the lead in the move played particularly well and portrayed a fat Slug very well – Charactericatly played by with subtle movement and a bit of wobbling.Looking forward to the Sequel "Fat Slugs sleeping in Seattle".

I thought that I would watch this film as it was on TV, I like Viz and had an hour or two to kill.I had also heard that the film was a bit of a train wreck and sometime films like that can be quite amusing in places.I was wrong.This is unwatchable.One of the actresses was giggling and grinning all the way through no matter what her character was supposed to be doing. I think she was embarrassed and so she should be.The other tried to fake an awful northern accent for an hour whilst starring like a mad woman. Whoever wrote this has never read the comic strip and should be shot.Drivel.

This is about as low as the British Film Industry can get. I could have told those involved that this was a bad idea even before conception – and well before a script materialised. Surely someone, somewhere, throughout the entire shoot must have realized that this movie would turn out to be unfunny and a complete waste of time. I am simply at a loss for words. It amazes and, indeed, infuriates me that the British film industry is in the dolldrums and utter rubbish such as this still manages to fart itself out and splatter all over the big screen. For crimes against celluloid, Fat Slags deserves a life sentence – at the bottom of the smallest shelf in the smallest video store in Hell. And it can consider itself damn lucky, too.


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