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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Stephan Bender , Maximillian Roeg , Thomas Jay Ryan , Diana Scarwid , Randy Wayne , Owen Beckman , Tom Gilroy , Rooney Mara , Rickie Lee Jones , Nick Ericson
Director: James Bolton
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (1518 votes)

Chronicles the relationship between two gay teenagers in the rural south in the late 70’s.

Film Review

I began watching the film with mild interest and very quickly was drawn into the quiet intensity of the film. One must avoid any discussion of specific plot elements, which would ultimately spoil the experience of the film. It is NOT as some have called it, a "Brokeback Mountain" about teenagers. It is different. It is unique. It is beautiful photographed, sensitively told and atmospheric. I was especially impressed with the performances of Stephan Bender as Nathan and Max Roeg as Roy. While I had no idea what the exact outcome of the film would be, there is a "foreboding" that overshadows the entire story; You get clues along the way that "something is wrong." But the final 20 minutes or so will probably really surprise you. There is much more going on here that can be easily summarized in a user review or with a catch line that describes the plot's formula. I think it's the type of film that will provoke a great deal of discussion and it deser…

If only I were a teen today, I'd be all over this mess of a gay romance fantasy thriller. The two leads are to-die-for cute, and the tons of romantic eyes, passionate looks, making out, and simulated sex almost make up for their somewhat stiff acting and the stilted direction. It's a queer Tiger-beat delight! With some social service messages about repressed, incestuous hypocritical Christian fundamentalist fathers, homophobic teen friends (all this stems, of course, from repressed homosexual desires and jealousy), until the last act it seems a wholesome, sexy fun, more thrilling for it's gay romantic idyll, than believability or gripping plot. Unfortunately, in act four the plot takes a turn for the worse, morphs into southern Gothic supernatural thriller, and enacts classic homophobia: gay love can't be show without being punished horribly, in this case with rape and murder. Topping this off with a ghostly eternal love ending is the kind of red dye number 2 maras…

The direction was exquisite in portraying the allure of the initial phases of attraction. With the skillful editing and the above-average to beautiful cinematography, the movie had a well-paced, rich, atmospheric delivery. The director, James Bolton, handled the actors deftly. Bolton carefully spent enough time on the characters to let us know the possible layers of meaning of the way they gaze at each other. The two leads were quite effective. Stephen Bender especially provided an intriguing aura to the character. Diana Scarwid and Thomas Jay Ryan were remarkable in their few scenes. Even Randy Wayne, Owen Beckman, and Rooney Mara delivered.The soundtrack was good but had mixed applications. At the music's best, it delivered subtle meaningful tonal contrasts. At its worst, it was obtrusive and distracting.I haven't read the book, so I'm judging the screenplay on its own. A gay growing-up story has been told over and over again ad nauseam. This movie had all the clich&#…

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