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Genres: Horror
Actors: Karen Black , Peter DeLuise , Ami Dolenz , Maya McLaughlin , Evan MacKenzie , David Sawyer , Shirley Spiegler Jacobs , Josette DiCarlo , Lloyd J. Kalicki , Daniel Arthur Wray , Roger Perkovich , Ray Maurin , Stacy Montezon , Bekki Vallin , Butch Mounce
Director: Tony Randel
Country: United States
Year: 1991
IMDB Rating: 4.2/10 (518 votes)

Cindy and Lucy are eighteen and going away to college. As a ritual they must rid themselves of the dirt of their small home town (Allburg) by swimming in an abandoned church crypt. They jump in and begin talking about sex when Lucys crucifix falls into the water and drifts down to land on Czakyr’s (an ancient vampire) head, apparently waking him up. Some time onwards a school teacher from a nearby town, Mark, gets directed to Allburg to help Lucy and her grandmother, who are suspected to be in trouble. Lucy becomes the target of a town turned vampire because of her ‘virgin blood’. Mark, Lucy and an old wino shack up in an abandoned building outside of town but eventually get lured back to Allburg by the locals. There, with a giant glowing cross spearing the front of their Toyota, they take the town on and battle Czakyr. They win and life is restored to its original normalcy.

Film Review

This movie is a typical B movie..but what they do with the "normal" legend of vampires. For one the vampire use water as their coffin instead of an actual one, once under water they spit out their lungs and breaths the water. In one scene this women vamp made her own cocoon to sleep in the special effects are really good in this scene. Its a cheap movie but its fun….its a saturday night kind of flick!!

Vampire movies are always going to be something, a yawner or a slap on the knees. This movie was a big slap on the knees kind of horror movie, yet, there's plenty of scare factor to go along with it. You got this sleepy town that soon gets a rude awakening when two teen girls encounter a wet tomb where a bloodsucker lies. One of the girls loses her cross swimming, and the cross awakens the vampire. Does crosses keep vampires at bay? For some reason, that one didn't. And the town gets a bite out of everyone, and there's a few people who would fight back: The town drunk, Matty(Garrett Morris), Mark Gardner(Peter DeLuise, "21 Jump St.") and the friend's victim. These friends would prove potent enough to take out the bloodsuckers one by one. Matty maybe loaded, but he's not out of his mind. And Cindy's friend Lucy(Ami Dolenz) wants to get back at the vampire leader. Well the results are good, and then everyone is wondering about having wood stakes in thei…

Children of the night is the second in a string of 3 movies released by Fangoria films in the early 90's. I remember these movies were pretty heavily promoted to horror fans at the time. The best of these was mindwarp, and the worst one was severed ties. Children of the night falls squarely in the middle and it's kind of a middling movie in general (maybe a bit worse than middling depending on how you look at it).Early in the film there are a few scary scenes and that's why i don't give it a lower rating. It's sort of cheesy all the way through, but in the early going, there is some genuine darkness here and there… Unfortunately it deteriorates into a silly mess halfway through. It tries to be sort of a horror comedy, but it doesn't deliver any laughs. It feels like the director wants this to have a comic book quality and at times it does, but the material would have been better served with a darker treatment. The biggest problem with the film is it's lac…


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