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Genres: Horror , Thriller
Actors: Betsy Russell , Leif Garrett , Lucinda Dickey , Lorie Griffin , George ‘Buck’ Flower , Travis McKenna , Teri Weigel , Rebecca Ferratti , Vickie Benson , Jeff Prettyman , Krista Pflanzer , Craig Piligian , William Johnson , Kathryn Litton , Tommy Habeeb
Director: John Quinn
Country: Japan, United States
Year: 1988
IMDB Rating: 3.9/10 (1352 votes)

Alison follows her friends to a summer camp for cheerleaders. But she is having bad nightmares. Her boyfriend has followed her to the camp but he seems to be more interested in the other girls, girls who sooner or later are found brutally murdered. Alison starts to believe that she has a split-personality who kills them.

Film Review

After having watched "Cheerleader Camp", I must confess that I am absolutely stumped as to why this movie has built a sizable cult in the more than 20 years since it was first released. It's packaged as a kind of spoof of the slasher genre, but it is anything but funny. The attempts at humor are very feeble and half-hearted. In fact, the whole movie is lacking energy, and it's acted out in a way that makes you feel that the whole movie was improvised on the spot rather than following a set script. What about the movie's nudity and sex? Well, there isn't much of that here. Blood and gore? Well, the second half of the movie has some okay splatter, but it's nothing that will really grab gorehounds' attention. The movie's only interest is for those interested in seeing how the career of Leif Garrett (who looks too old for his role, by the way) had severely declined around the time the movie was made.

Give me a F, give me a U, give me a N. Yes… FUN. Nothing more. Nothing less. Senseless, over-the-top, but fun. Probably too much fun? In its investment for energy, it really did play up the textbook gags and fooling around for the majority of the time. Teenagers will always be teenagers — well what else would you do at Camp Hurrah. Anyhow the straight-to-video "Cheerleader Camp" is a low-budget b-grade late 80s slasher / sex comedy item opting for numerous semi-nude shots (especially when you got the likes of Teri Weigel and Krista Pflanzer in the cast), tacky blood splatter and a very tongue-cheek-approach to its traditional material. In which case much needed, because some of the cheesy dialogues can be eye-rolling and it stars a former teen idol Leif Garrett. The style is similar to other such campy slashers within the same period; "Return to Horror High" (1987) and "Cutting Class" (1989). The plot enters in a protagonist with a traumatically st…

~Spoiler~ Cheerleader Camp (aka Bloody Pom Poms) is a late 80’s entry into the slasher sub-genre that we all know and love. Most people totally dismiss it because the killings aren’t all that original, there are too few of them, and there’s not much gore to speak of. It is worth a watch for nostalgia’s sake. Cheerleader Camp may not be the best slasher but it does probably have the most attractive cast. After all, it is a cheerleader camp. Betsy Russell and Lucinda Dickey (the Breakin’ movies) are headlining this thing. It doesn’t hurt that they enlisted a few Playboy playmates either. Our male leads are a balding Leif Garrett and a robust Travis McKenna, with Buck Flower thrown in as the obvious red herring. The scariest scene (albeit a totally unintentional one) is probably the one where McKenna falls off stage and lands on poor ‘ole Buck’s head. There were surely no stunt doubles on this picture for Mr. Flower, so Buck almost got his head caved in. Another frightful scene features …

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