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Download Ben 10: Alien Swarm Full Movie | Download Divx Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Genres: Adventure , Sci-Fi , Family
Actors: Barry Corbin , Herbert Siguenza , Galadriel Stineman , Nathan Keyes , Alyssa Diaz , Ryan Kelley , Aaron Munoz , Tony Larkin , Eric Mendenhall , Jeremy DeCarlos , Patrick Cox , Joyce Kurtz , Wendy Cutler , Alex Winter , Dee Bradley Baker
Director: Alex Winter
Country: United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 (775 votes)

Our world is threatened with an imminent invasion from a swarming alien menace. And there is only one hero brave enough, smart enough and tough enough to fight back – Ben Tennyson!

Film Review

I sat and watched this film for (ahem) the kids and i loved it, being a secret Ben 10 fan (shhh, don't tell my sons) it delivered on so many levels. I loved the portrayal of all the characters especially Kevin Levin, brilliant. The story flowed well, and was consistently interesting. However, i felt the character of Elena a little, annoying, and the fact that all was forgiven with her father…not great, after all if he hadn't have been tampering with the chips…but hey its a kid film, and needs to be positive. They are my only complaints regarding the film.I loved the car chase scene with Kevin and Gwen in the dodge with the chips following them, great scene. The film is filled with technology, cars, and action. What more can you ask for? Its funny, and well written with witty one liners. So if you want an easy to watch film, that is easy going, and exciting, give Alien Swarm a go, it wont disappoint

I thought that this movie was great, anyone who's a fan of Ben Ten Alien Force would totally enjoy this movie. From the acting to the special effects this movie really delivers. The casting director and the hair/make-up/costume crew did a great job making everyone look like the actual cartoon characters (although, Grandpa Max didn't really fit, and Gwen's top didn't fit the actress well).The only REAL issue I have with this movie was that fact that it was so predictable and that the writers didn't do anything to create any sort of twist (but then again what do you expect it's a TV movie). I totally think that this series would rock as a feature film.

You would think they'd make A LOT more effort on the second one…The first Ben 10 movie was ridiculous… This was a little less ridiculous. The acting was a little better but not buy much.There wasn't much action, there wasn't any thrill. Ben 10 has 10 aliens yet you only see a couple in the film and you rarely see Gwens magic. The whole flexible side of the characters weren't there either.They should either stick with making animated movies for Ben 10 OR quadruple there spending budget and get better actors. it was a major disappointment.Ben 10 Cartoons are brilliant and i think it will take A LOT to make a movie that gives it justice. I wouldn't watch this twice.


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