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Genres: Mystery , Drama , Romance
Actors: James Woods , Kathleen Turner , Kirsten Dunst , Josh Hartnett , Michael Paré , Scott Glenn , Danny DeVito , A.J. Cook , Hanna Hall , Leslie Hayman , Chelse Swain , Anthony DeSimone , Lee Kagan , Robert Schwartzman , Noah Shebib
Director: Sofia Coppola
Country: United States
Year: 1999
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (75248 votes)

The lives of an eclectic group of men who live in an affluent American suburb in the ’70s are forever changed by their obsession with five doomed sisters.

Film Review

Stepping out of her father's shadow, and perhaps the bigger shadow of her much derided acting career, Sofia Coppola moved into the director's chair with surprising ease and aplomb. Based on the supposedly unfilmable novel by Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides is a dark, haunting delight. The story, about a group of male friends who become obsessed with a group of sisters who are heavily ruled over by their strict, religious parents after the suicide of the youngest sister, is certainly far from light entertainment, but the film is full of some very dark humour which cuts through the somewhat morbid themes and makes it feel more 'human'.Coppola's direction is what makes the film the great achievement it is. The camera work is assured, and the use of the voice-over and the documentary interview segments are weaved in perfectly, never impeding on the narrative. She also shoots some of the most memorable and eerie images I've seen committed to celluloid. …

Virgin Suicides, The (1999) *** (out of 4)Bizarre black comedy about several young boy's obsession with the Lisbon sisters and their lifelong attempt to figure out their lives. The five sisters become four after the youngest ones suicide, which is the start of the end of the family. This film has a lot going for it and Coppola, in her debut, does an impressive job juggling the various themes running throughout the movie. We have teenage suicide, obsession, sexual awakening and all of it is look at with a very skeptical eye and in the end the film comes off rather haunting if not a complete work of art. What Coppola does well is the entire mystery built around the suicides in the film. A lot of information is given out yet no answers are even attempted. Even when the boys are trying to come to terms with what happened, nothing. We get no answers and not many ideas as to what was going on with these girls that would push them so far over the edge. Their parents, perfectly played by…

I'm torn about this movie, I watched it years ago while flipping around TV late at night, and have been haunted by it since. I was maybe fifteen when I saw it, and had no prior knowledge of the book, or even the title of the movie as I watched it. The movie is absolutely compelling, it really gets you to sympathize with the characters, locked away from the outside world in seeming perpetuity, then in a shocking (to me) ending, pulls out the rug out from under the viewer in an extremely morbid way, the way only tragedy can. The worst part about how the movie ends is the inevitability of the conclusion, when the entire time you have a feeling what is going to happen, then know for certain, yet wishing for the ending to change cannot make it change. Watching the movie really made me question religious fundamentalism and social conservatism, especially around the subject of sex, but it is the ending that has haunted me for quite some time, and even been present in some nightmares I&#…

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