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Genres: Action , Sci-Fi , Sport
Actors: Chris Klein , Jean Reno , LL Cool J , Rebecca Romijn , Naveen Andrews , Oleg Taktarov , David Hemblen , Janet Wright , Andrew Bryniarski , Kata Dobó , Alice Poon , Lucia Rijker , Melissa R. Stubbs , Paul Wu , Yolanda Hughes-Heying
Director: John McTiernan
Country: United States, Germany, Japan
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 2.9/10 (17541 votes)

Johnathan Cross, a lover of extreme sports, is recruited by Alexi Petrovich to star in his sportive invention, Rollerball. Johnathan accepts and learns the ropes of Rollerball: The players are on Rollerblades, trying to bring a heavy metal ball into a high goal. Also, there are motorcyclists around to bring momentum to the players. Oh yes, and there are no rules in the game. During his skyrocketing career, Johnathan has to experience what Alexi has found out: Blood brings more viewing pleasure to the audience. So, Alexi starts to bribe members of the different teams to cause more trouble than necessary on the field, and the viewers love it. Only a little later, Johnathan’s life is already in extreme danger as well as those of his friends and teammates. In a final game, Johnathan and his team have to fight for mere survival against their real opponent – their boss Alexi Petrovich.

Film Review

Well, it's not as easy as it seems. First you need a good story. To spoil. Then you need a miscast. Forgettable, in every way, the guy in the main role, who's supposed to be a tough roller-ball player.Director misses the point all the time. Here, an accent should be on a metaphor for totalitarian society, benumbed with all the luxuries of the world, convinced that each individualistic attempt is doomed from the start. Here we have a different case – a metaphor, a pure object, a motive became a story itself. With none of 1960's, 1970's, politically awake attitudes, everything became cheap fun or even cheaper boredom.An interesting datum: a character nicknamed ,,The Assassin''(a Russian) speaks somewhat fluent serbocroatian ,,Ostavi to, ti budalo'' /Live that, you fool/ (in Russian a fool is said ,,durak''), so as the central Asian, Caucasian miner (at least he understands it)at the end of movie. The same miner works at the same time in …

I haven't seen the original rollerball, so maybe that helps. This movie definitely isn't great, but after reading these reviews I was expecting something really really terrible. What I ended up getting was almost no story but an overall entertaining spectacle of expensive special effects. The script avoids trying to give the movie any kind of deep plot, so I didn't bother looking for one. I just sat back, watched people get beat up and cars explode and by the end of the movie I don't feel like I wasted my hour.If you have nothing better to watch, really there are worse choices out there.


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