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Genres: Thriller
Actors: Chloë Grace Moretz , Simon Baker , Paz Vega , Michael DeLorenzo , Daniel Escobar , Tomas Sanchez , Zahn McClarnon , Ken Davitian , Lorri Oliver , Melinda Page Hamilton , Kevin Wiggins , Greg Serano , Virginia Pereira , Arron Shiver , Jim Meskimen
Director: Dror Soref
Country: United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 4.7/10 (1510 votes)

Set in a Tex-Mex border town, Not Forgotten is a classic psychological thriller about Jack and Amaya Bishop, a couple who must come to terms with their tortured pasts in order to save their kidnapped daughter. It is a tale taut with intrigue and steeped in Latino mysticism, where the line between what’s real and what’s imagined becomes hopelessly blurred.

Film Review

This is a great movie. I haven't found any good suspense/mystery thrillers lately, and Not Forgotten has finally relieved that. I personally love a good suspense thriller with mind game twists. The depth of the story was refreshing, and it always kept me guessing as to what was going to happen next. And the ending, well I'll just say I never saw it coming.Simon Baker's acting was spot on, and Paz Vega was a great compliment. They really worked as an enticing lead pair. Although Cloe Moretz might not get as much screen time as the other main actors in the film, she still maintains a powerful role throughout the film. This movie is definitely worth seeing.Their website is awesome too.

I was open minded when I chose to see this film but I have to say that this film was NOT good. I thought the story left enough to play with but in the end the film fails to impress. There is not so much plot twists but instead the introduction of characters you learn nothing about.It is slow paced and there is very little importance on the build up so I was bored watching it. I found some parts quite silly like the brake out of jail. There was a lot of detail missing in the film and too many questions left unanswered. You could save a lot of time by simply watching the repeated scene throughout the film and the ending because that's just about all that happens.I would be embarrassed to recommend this film to friends and this is one film I will want to forget in a hurry.

Jack Bishop (Simon Baker, "Land of the Dead") is your typical American. A beautiful wife and daughter, nice home, coach of the soccer team. But things go horribly awry one day when his daughter Toby (young horror veteran Chloe Moretz) goes missing… has she been brought across the border to become a prostitute? Or is she the victim of a known sex offender? Jack will stop at nothing to find out, even if he must reveal his own secret past.I had little familiarity with the people who made this film, beyond Chloe Moretz, who has been the girl in more or less ever horror film for five years — and I'm not complaining. Paz Vega played a strong lead, although the rumor is she replaced Jordana Brewster, a friend of Killer Reviews. With all due respect to Brewster, I think Vega was the right casting choice — she had the elegance, the versatility and the pluck to be the multi-faceted character she needed to be. Rounding out the notable cast is Claire Forlani ("Mallrats&#x2…

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