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Genres: Drama
Actors: Chishû Ryû , Setsuko Hara , Yumeji Tsukioka , Haruko Sugimura , Hohi Aoki , Jun Usami , Kuniko Miyake , Masao Mishima , Yoshiko Tsubouchi , Yôko Katsuragi , Toyo Takahashi , Jun Tanizaki , Ichirô Shimizu , Youko Benisawa , Manzaburo Umewaka
Director: Yasujirô Ozu
Country: Japan
Year: 1949
IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 (4899 votes)

Noriko is 27 years old and is still living with her father Somiya, a widower. Noriko just recovered from an illness she developed in the war, and now the important question pops up: when will Noriko start thinking about marriage? Everybody who is important in her life tries to talk her into it: her father, her aunt, a girlfriend. But Noriko doesn’t want to get married, she seems extremely happy with her life. She wants to stay with her father to take care of him. After all, she knows best of his manners and peculiarities. But Noriko’s aunt doesn’t want to give up. She arranges a partner for her and thinks of a plan that will convince Noriko her father can be left alone.

Film Review

This is an excellent Japanese drama by one of its greatest directors.The story is quite simple but directed masterfully and leaves you thinking for a long time after the watching.I just want to comment on one aspect which seems to me very important for better understanding of the movie and which hasn't been tackled upon yet by other viewers.I don't think that the father's only concern about his daughter is her just getting married.It is especially seen in the scene where he is talking about the issue with a woman in the bar at the end of the film.There is some feeling of selfish future plans on both sides while they smile and talk to each other.I think that Noriko felt it,too, but couldn't go against her father's will.This is something that is not stated clearly,but rather hinted by certain phrases,looks,smiles and emotions. Highest recommendations.A true gem!

Through an eBay auction, I was so lucky to find a DVD of Yasujiro Ozu’s "Banshun (Late Spring)" since it’s not available yet in the US, where I imagine it will be released some day through the Criterion Collection. This is how new viewers like myself have discovered the other two classic films of his Noriko trilogy, 1951’s "Bakushû (Early Summer)" and 1953’s "Tokyo Monogatari (Tokyo Story)". This 1949 film is perhaps the most Japanese of the three as it concerns the rather unearthly devotion a daughter named Noriko has for her widowed professor father, Shukichi. While an American film would have touched upon the incest angle, under Ozu’s immaculate direction, there is nothing unseemly about the relationship. She thoroughly enjoys taking care of him, but her father knows she must get married.A meddlesome aunt named Masa aggressively sets up an arranged marriage with a supposed Gary Cooper-look-alike (though we never see him). Noriko resists all effor…


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