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Genres: Action , Fantasy , Sci-Fi
Actors: Noboru Kaneko , Miho Yoshioka , Mitsuki Koga , Hiroshi Koizumi , Akira Nakao , Kôichi Ueda , Kô Takasugi , Masami Nagasawa , Chihiro Ôtsuka , Takeo Nakahara , Norman England , Naomasa Musaka , Yumiko Shaku , Yûsuke Tomoi , Tsutomu Kitagawa
Director: Masaaki Tezuka
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (1093 votes)

Forty-two years after her first visit in Tokyo, Mothra returns to warn mankind that they must return Mechagodzilla, along with Godzilla’s bones, to the sea, for the dead must not be disturbed. If not, dire consequences will follow. However, Godzilla is once again on the rampage, and Mechagodzilla is Japan’s only defense.

Film Review

Direct sequel to Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. Surprise, surprise, Godzilla returns for revenge against his robotic counterpart. This time the end of the world may also follow suit, as humans have managed to annoy Mothra as well. I loved the way in which Godzilla's bones helped create Mechagodzilla, and save humanity, are now the cause of all the controversy may destroy humanity. There is less human conflict in this film, but the action more than makes up for it. Another wonderful Godzilla movie then. I'm sad I only have one left to watch. But I must stress, don't just tune into this and expect the effects to win you over. You have to make an effort.

I think there’s an idea among some of the more inbred factions of Godzilla fandom that a Godzilla movie that shows Godzilla as a "villian" (which is apparently all they got out of the first movie, "Gojira") is by definition a good movie, and any movie that shows The Big G in a more sympathetic light is bad. There’s also an unhealthy focus on technical details, which are important, but which don’t make a good movie in and of themselves.The latest entry in this series is badly written, badly directed, badly acted, badly scored (one of the worst film scores I’ve ever heard), and even if I liked seeing movies where Godzilla loses in the end, I’d think this movie was crap. Of course, I hate every Godzilla movie since "Godzilla 2000", which ended the way a Godzilla movie should end, with Godzilla triumphant over both man and monster alike. But in the end, all I ask in the various interpretations is that they be intelligent fun movies, with good stories, and th…

This is a continuation of the previous Godzilla movie, but where the previous movie was one of the best Godzilla movie, this one falls way short. The biggest culprit is the poor choice of actors which Toho seems to be an expert at. They had a pretty good combo in the previous version with Koh Takasugi, and Yumiko Shaku, but this one had bunch of kids which really had no acting abilities which really drew all life out of the plot. This is shown in the fact that this movie had such a poor turnout at the box office in Japan (13 million dollars) , that it was officially decided that the next Godzilla movie Godzilla Final Wars will be the final Godzilla movie.The story plot was boring, and also annoying with all the young actors trying to steal the lead which added to the unfocused plot. I think it was a bad idea to make a mechanic the main character of the movie. He was having a hard time being a hero. The guy who should have been the hero – the pilot of Kiryu was a horrible actor and he …

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