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Genres: Animation , Adventure , Comedy
Actors: Nis Bank-Mikkelsen , Alan Rickman , Terry Jones , Søren Sætter-Lassen , Morten Kerrn Nielsen , Sebastian Jessen , Pil Neja , Louise Fribo , Ulf Pilgaard , Dick Kaysø , Paprika Steen , Ghita Nørby , Zlatko Buric , Martin Brygmann , Peter Gantzler
Director: Stefan Fjeldmark , Michael Hegner
Country: Germany, Ireland, Denmark
Year: 2000
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (2245 votes)

Siblings; Fly & Stella together with their child genius cousin Chuck Charles, encounter reclusive biologist/chemist Proffesor MacKrill/Mac Krell while out on the docks fishing only to become cut off by the tide coming in separating them from the shoreline. Seeking refuge, they stumble across his secluded island hideaway laboratory, to discover MacKrill/Mac Krell has found away to change humans into sea-life and back again. Stella mistaking this fish potion for lemonade drinks some and is turned into a starfish, her older brother none the wiser chucks her out into the ocean, only to learn from the video cameras the awful truth. Out searching for her in a boat guilty Fry knowing how futile this action is drinks the potion and dives in after her (changing into Californian Linefish in the process) leaving the Professor and Chuck on-board as an storm brews overhead. Unable to stand the batter waves, their craft sinks along with the antidote and Chuck has to drink the liquid to prevent himself from drowning (ending up as a jellyfish), with MacKrill/Mac Krell warning that unless they drink the antidote in within 48 hours they’ll be stuck as fish forever. Now these three find themselves stranded in the ocean in a desperate search to find that antidote. However on the seabed their antidote has fallen into the fins of the ruthless pilot-fish Joe…whose exposure to it has increased his intellect, making him power-mad with no intention of letting this stroke of fortune desert him.

Film Review

Really? Did the producers have to make this? Were the animators held at gunpoint? Am I the reincarnation of Theodore Roosevelt? All of these questions could be answered with a 'yes' but it would do nothing to make anybody feel better.Anyway, its a corny kid story about some kids and an adult getting turned into oceanic creatures. Yes, I know it sounds exciting but hold on for a moment. There is this bad guy and he is after something. All turns out good in the end and they return to their previous states of humanity and all are happy.Really? Is there a point to this movie? The animation was bad and the script was bad even for a kids movie. I want this part of my life back. "F"

Crisply paced and not too preachy kiddie adventure with adequate animation and some nice visual and narrative ideas among the clichéd standards.On the other hand, the frequently upcoming songs are instantly forgettable, the character work is rather flat and there's nothing particularly memorable about this little diversion, though it's nice to look at as long as it lasts.In short, it's okay Sunday morning fodder for the small ones."Finding Nemo" it ain't!5 out of 10 fishy situations


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