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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Crime
Actors: Adnan Omerovic , Toni Cahunek , Klemen Bucan , Miki Bubulj , Goga Angelov , Adrijana Balukcic , Edis Becic , Igor Bracic , Karlo Bratus , Alenka Brun , Jani Cerne , Tomaz Fajfar , Bostjan Gorenc , Vesna Hitar , Martin Janezic
Director: Mitja Okorn
Country: Slovenia
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (559 votes)

Four young boys from Kranj borrow a huge amount of money from local mafia in order to become contractors. They are very incapable, so they lose the money and they find themselves in a terrible situation. The huge amount of money they borrowed must be returned to the mafia in one week or else. So they start selling drugs, they gamble, they try to do everything to get their money back.

Film Review

given the unbelievable constraints placed on an independent filmmaker, i was rather impressed with this movie. Sure, the story is a little tired, but the acting wasn’t that bad, and the shots/timing/lighting were exciting. The intro sequence was novel, a great icebreaker, and Okorn has a way of throwing visual curveballs every time the story would normally lose my attention. His style is just on the edge of being too much, but in this film at least, he stops short of that edge, and the shots stay fresh.Does this movie fall short of its goals as being a "Slovenian film", or more, a new kind of Slovenian film? As an American, even if I could answer that, would you listen? The movie seems Slovenian to me, probably less so to a Slovene. But as western or Hollywood influences are visible in this movie, so are they visible in Slovenia and its culture. Is Okorn maybe just telling the truth that you are denying? I know a story doesn’t have to read like Twain or Hawthorne to be &quot…

I am a few years older to be defined as a target audience (16 – 24 years old) but I enjoyed watching this movie also. In my opinion "Tu pa tam" movie is a giant step for Slovene low-budged production, amateur authors (players, screenwriters and directors), young enthusiasts. A story is simple but well thought. Dialogues are funny and authentic. Some scenes and jokes are put in local environment. I do not know if they will work outside Slovenia. Yes, it is seen that movie makers as Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie had a great impact on director of this movie. The fact that "Tu pa tam" (made by young 24 years old director) reminds us of Ritchie’s movies is not a bad thing but obvious showing of respect to this famous director.

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