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Genres: Comedy , Family
Actors: Richard Riehle , Edward Herrmann , Mason Cook , Adam Alexi-Malle , Mo Gallini , Christopher Maleki , Tucker Albrizzi , Duke the Bloodhound , Field Cate , Ranya Jaber , Kaitlyn Maher , Anna Primiani
Director: Robert Vince
Country: United States
Year: 2012
IMDB Rating: 9.0/10 (12 votes)

Film Review

I have never written a review of a movie before, but I'm thinking as I watch this with my son that they must have paid the writers $3 to write this. Horrid set, horrid acting (not the children,they are better then the adults!) and THE worst writing I have ever experienced for a Disney movie. I'm so disappointed. The repeated talking in 3rd person is annoying, and frankly, the persistent use of the word "dudes" is enough to make me angry. I really don't want my kids going around calling everyone 'dude'. Disney quality has really hit an all time low with this film. I'm all for family time, and enjoying movies together, but this is unreal. Save your money and time and find another movie to watch with your family. Based on this movie, I wouldn't waste my time with other similar films.

Well, obviously I'm several years beyond this film's target demographic, but the best Disney is ageless, meaning it may be savored at any age: MARY POPPINS, 20,000 LEAGUES, DARBY O'GILL, the pre-WWII features. Magnificent production detail & emotional impact, fun for young kids but best appreciated once you're a little older. TB's more in the spirit of the kiddie-slapstick programmers of the '60s after SHAGGY DOG lowered the bar. Still, you don't expect straight-to-video Disney to knock it outta' the park and the film has some nice vistas & effects. I especially liked the blue-lit look of the well plus the obelisk tower outside their window, tho' you're tempted to assume they've rented a room at the Luxor pyramid in Vegas. Since TB feels a bit cheap & scaled-down the DVD should be priced accordingly. Disney shouldn't demand an 'E' coupon for a spin on the Motor Boat Cruise (I guess that really dates m…

I have only one question for parents who have reviewed this movie negatively.Did your child enjoy it? Thank you. Now go back and adjust your star rating, or just delete your comment.The makers of this franchise are not going for Oscars, for heaven's sake, and they never were. Yes, the movie is obviously made in a studio – what do you expect, for it to be shot on location in Egypt? I didn't mind it and my daughter loved it, and since I bought it for her, that's all I care about.


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