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Genres: Sci-Fi
Actors: Kent Taylor , Marie Windsor , William Mims , Betty Beall , Lowell Brown , Gregg Shank , Henrietta Moore , Troy Melton , George Riley
Director: Maury Dexter
Country: United States
Year: 1963
IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 (179 votes)

Martians replace scientist & his family to pave way for invasion.

Film Review

I don’t mean "bad" in the way of other 60’s scholkfest flicks that were a fun diversion–and spawned many stars. This thing is just BAD. I sat down with my kids and said "This is one of those low-budget sci-fi things that were popular when I was a kid". Very soon, I realized I had steered them wrong, and may have put them off the genre for life.You have to admit that it has a great title, but it’s a promise that’s totally unfulfilled. No spaceships, no aliens, no shootouts with ray guns or even earthly firearms. The clichéd shot of a door mysteriously closing behind a character in the entryway of the house is the height of the suspense in this flick. So, what does it have? Well–long stretches of second unit footage, little dialog, and effects that make Ed Wood look like George Lucas. Don’t even waste 70 minutes of your life on this stinker.

(There are Spoilers) With NASA sending a space probe to Mars to check out if there's any life on the Red planet it, or the robot in it, conks out after some 30 minutes, due to a surge of unexpected electricity through it's circuits. Back on earth the brains behind the Martian space probe Dr. David Fielding,Kent Taylor, talking to his fellow scientist friend Dr. Web Spencer, Williams Mins. Dr. Fielding gets a sudden black-out as he just sits in his chair blankly looking into space. The clever Martians have secretly taken over his body and duplicated him.The movie "The Day Mars Invaded Earth" then goes on for what seems like hours, with it being only 70 minutes long, with Dr. Fielding and his family his wife Clair, Marie Winston, and two teenagers Julie and Rocky, Betty Beall & Gregg Shank, at first spending the Christmas/New Years holiday's at home. Things start to turn sour when Julie's boyfriend Frank, Lowell Brown, shows up. Taking Julie out for a New Y…


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