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Genres: Animation , Adventure , Drama
Actors: James McAvoy , Catherine McCormack , Julian Glover , Derek Jacobi , Ian Hart , Claire Skinner , David Harewood , Samantha Bond , Marina Bouras , Pernille Højmark , Paul Hüttel , Jonas Karlsson , Melinda Kinnaman , Jesper Langberg , Henning Moritzen
Director: Anders Rønnow Klarlund
Country: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (2625 votes)

Hal Tara is the son of The Kahro of the city of Hebalon and heir to the throne. When The Kahro kills himself, Hal is chosen to taken his place to rule Hebalon. But the discovery of The Kahro’s suicide letter, that his father’s death was no suicide, and was conducted by rivals of the city known as The Zeriths, Hal disguising himself as a commoner leaves the city and sets out to find the Zeriths and avenge his father. But Nezo, The Kahro’s evil advisor who discovered the Kahro’s body sends a warrior known as Erito to join Hal and to kill him. Entering the Zerith’s camp, unaware of his identity, Hal falls in love with Zita, a Zerith female warrior, unaware Nezo has evil schemes to take over ruler ship of the city and Erito’s wife Eike and Hal’s sister Jhinna have uncovered his evil plot.

Film Review

The whole concept of strings interested me from the start, I’ll admit i have a strange fascination with puppets anyway from somewhere unknown, i think probably Fraggle rock and that sort of thing which was re-established when i saw ‘being john Malkovich’ with the beautifully worked string puppets.but anyway the whole concept of the strings being part of the puppet i found really enthralling, like they weren’t quite in control of their own movements as we feel we aren’t. the mystical scenes of the sky with strings in looked awesome.the opening scene really captures your attention and you feel so much empathy towards the king that you forget he is a piece of wood and treat him as human from the start.i was really intrigued with the explanations of birth and death and think they really added to make the universe seem believable.on the whole the story was kind of predictable but in a classical fantasy way really worked in the new context. the design of all the surroundings was breathtakin…

I had expected to like this movie better than I did. After all, I live in Denmark, and "Strings" was created by a Danish Director and the production company behind it is to a large extent Danish. Furthermore, I had read several positive articles and reviews about the movie before seeing it.The whole concept is very interesting. We are watching a puppet movie, but not one where the puppets represent people. Well, yes, they do in a way, but at the same time the puppets represent puppets.The many strings that go from the various body parts of the puppets and disappear up into the heavens play a major role in the story. A puppet cannot move past any obstacle above his/her head that prevents the strings from passing. To kill a puppet you cut the "head string", and a new baby puppet is "born" when a new head string is attached to his/her head.Maybe it’s my background as an engineer that makes me start to think of all the implications of these concepts. Instead …


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