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Genres: Comedy , Musical
Actors: Gene Kelly , Mitzi Gaynor , Kay Kendall , Taina Elg , Jacques Bergerac , Leslie Phillips , Henry Daniell , Patrick Macnee , Stephen Vercoe , Philip Tonge
Director: George Cukor
Country: United States
Year: 1957
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (1356 votes)

After writing a tell-all book about her days in the dance troupe “Barry Nichols and Les Girls”, Sybil Wren (Kay Kendall) is sued for libeling her fellow dancer Angele (Taina Elg). A Rashomon (1950)-style narrative presents the story from three points of view. Sybil accuses Angele of having an affair with Barry (Gene Kelly), while Angele insists that it was actually Sybil who was having the affair. Finally, Barry gives his side of the story.

Film Review

Ah, the radical viewpoint. It seems that Cukor, a cinematic legend, had a muse, one that no one would suspect because he only used the most bare bones part of his inspiration – Akira Kurosawa's 1950 masterpiece, Rashomon. Cukor created his own masterpiece in Les Girls, with a feel that's 180 degrees away from Rashomon's dark, brooding atmospherics. Much more clever than the excellent adaptation of The Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Seven. Setting the self interest of different witnesses about the scandalous events upon which their very disparate versions of those events, painting themselves in the best light, into a typical behind-the-scenes plot of a musical comedy production is brilliant, but not well appreciated.

1957's Les Girls is a pretty mediocre movie musical send-off for Cole Porter, and for Gene Kelly too for that matter, here taking his last lead in an MGM musical. It's never outright bad, just never really good enough, with most of the musical numbers limited to the stage routines performed by Kelly, Kay Kendall, Mitzi Gaynor and Taina Elg rather than bursting out into the 'real' world – which is a little bit ironic since it's a film about truth and reality, with Elg suing Kendall over her memoirs leading to three different versions of the romantic complications that lead to the act's demise. Yes, it's Rashomon, the Musical, but with even more plot holes – the whole thing depends on the characters not talking to each other for years after one dramatic event, leading to misunderstandings and misinterpretations that end up in the Old Bailey. Unfortunately the script is never sharp enough, George Cukor's direction never able to compensate…

This movie is a failure on so many fronts, I'm not sure where to start.Perhaps by saying how very sorry I am that it's such a disappointment. I very much like Gene Kelly's other work, love a lot of Cole Porter, many George Cukor movies, etc. Yet everything goes wrong here.To begin with, this is a dud of a musical. None of the numbers come close to being memorable, the plot is uninteresting, the characters all often disagreeable. And if you were ever to watch it a second time – which I don't recommend – to see if the end resolves the apparent contradictions that come up throughout the movie, I suspect you'd find that it doesn't.Because the plot and the characters are uninteresting, the actors really have nothing to work with. Kelly has been so good in so many movies, it is almost painful to watch him try to do something with this mess of a role. The three women, though all fine dancers, simply don't have the star power between them that you need to br…

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